Trey and Susan Adventures

While waiting in Unionville, TN for our truck bed to be fabricated, we've been able to do some chores around the trailer and see a few sights.

The first week we did a lot of cleaning of the trailer. Trey spent most of his time on the roof which needed heavy duty cleaning. For two mornings in a row, he rinsed, scrubbed, and rinsed.  The third morning a cold wind blew in and it was too cold to finish the roof. It is probably 3/4 done. The roof is much brighter and more ready for the repairs we will do later in the summer. There is nothing wrong with the roof, just some preventative work/maintenance that needs to be done. Susan determined to spend her cleaning time on the vinyl trim around the trailer. That required much scouring with a Scotch-Brite pad (before and after shot to right). After a quick lunch break the first morning, she discovered she had sanded away the first few layers of skin on her right thumb and fingertips. That ended the goal of getting all the vinyl trim cleaned.  The job will be tackled (once the fingers heal) with rubber gloves next time. There was plenty to clean and organize inside, so the scour pads and water pans were traded for a vacuum and dust-rag. (note: the roof results were also pleasing, but the photographer was too nervous to do much more than peek her head over the edge of the roof)

Once the weather turned cold and wet, we ran a few errands in town. On a trip into Nashville on Saturday, we saw an interesting sight and stopped to investigate. It seemed a local cement mixing company was having their annual Driving Skills Contest. They had taken over the parking lot of a Peterbuilt truck company and set up a course to run the mixers through. It was pretty much for employees and family, but we meandered in and watched for an hour or so. They had precision skills tests where they had to drive to a point on the ground. They did this backward and forward and at various angles of entry. They were scored on how close they came to a mark on the ground.

There were also agility tests. Here, they drove a tight course and were scored on how many tennis balls remained on their posts. They also did this backwards and forward and in various configurations.

We couldn't see the all events farther back in the course, but one of them included parallel parking - Yikes!

There were also a few just for fun activities where cash prizes were given to drivers. Here is a basketball shoot to test accuracy.

It seemed like everyone was having a good time. The announcer was humorous, the judges were quite animated, and there was more than enough free food available to anyone who wanted something to eat.

After the our detour to see the mixer contest, we made our way into Nashville to complete our errands. Once our errands were completed, it was already late (2:30 pm) and since we were already in the Nashville area, we decided to have lunch at a place recommended by Athena (from AE). The chicken fried steak at the Loveless Cafe was very good and the biscuits were awesome, but I'm not sure I would endure another hour and a half wait again - especially on such an empty stomach! We later found out the reason for the long wait.  The Iriquois Steeplechase was being run just a few miles from where we ate lunch. It would have been a very interesting thing to see - even in the cold and rain.

It was a good day in Nashville. Much was accomplished and we had time for a couple of fun diversions along the way.