Trey and Susan Adventures

We arrived just outside of Unionville, TN today to talk to a guy about doing something to make our truck bed safer. Our hope was to patch it now and figure out what to do to it later. After talking to JW, we saw and realized that our “patch” would be wasted, because there was nothing salvageable about our bed – something we kinda already knew. Seeing the deterioration of the metal confirmed it. So, we will stay here a week or two while our truck bed is replaced and then head toward NE.

JW has a few acres here in Central Tennessee and graciously offered us electricity and water hookups for our stay here. I thought you might want to see our yard for the next 10-14 days.

Here is our view out our front door, facing west. You can see our awning at the top of the picture and that is a magnolia tree about to bloom to the left:

Our side yard, facing north, looks like this:

And our backyard, facing east, looks like this:

So far my favorite thing about this place is 50 AMP service so we now have AC. It got almost to 90* inside the trailer yesterday.

This little detour will delay our arrival in Nebraska (which disappoints us), but it will give us some time to work on the fifth wheel. In trying to get the house ready to rent, we didn’t work on the trailer much at all. So much needs to be done to get her into shape and this forced rest will allow us to do some of those things. It will also give us a chance to breathe. Sigh. The past two months have been non-stop and it will be good to figure out where we are without having to worry about where we are going. (C&B, we will talk/email to you soon regarding our schedule.)

We have absolutely no cell service here in the boonies, but our aircard works great, so we can get emails.

Blessings to all!