Trey and Susan Adventures

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers! I hope your day was a good one.

I missed a few days, so here is a quick update. I hope to get the blog going soon, but there has been little extra time.

Our Trailer at the Safety Convention: (we are on the far right)

A little update on our weekend if you are interested:

  • We’ve been dry camping in the convention center parking lot since Thursday and it has been good. (Dry camping is when you are completely self-contained and don’t  rely on any outside sources (water, electricity, sewer)) The freshwater tank is still more than ½ full and the holding tanks are less than ½ full so we could go longer if we needed to. The solar panels have worked well. The only things we can’t use when dry camping are the A/C and Microwave/convection oven. Everything else can work just fine with our system. It is currently in the upper 80’s inside the trailer and although there is a breeze out there, it is across a black asphalt parking lot so it is not very cool. That will change as soon as the sun goes down.
  • The conference ended this afternoon and our heads are busting with all kinds of safety related information. Those of you who knew that we were concerned about weight, we right on target – in fact we were 50# underweight. Whew!
  • We are now famous! A Full-timing blogger we have been reading for the past year put us in his blog. scroll to the May 7th entry and you will see a picture of our truck. We are also in the back of the room in the classroom shot. We were known as the folks in the Big Truck. Most people here were Class A rigs (the huge RVs) and smaller Class C units (look like van in front but with a bed over the cab) There was only one other Fifth Wheel – the blogger guy. We had a chance to talk to them a bit and they were very nice.
  • After the conference ended today we took a bike ride down a greenway that took us through Western Kentucky University. It was a beautiful campus and a very nice ride up and down soft hills. We have ridden our bikes quite a bit here in Bowling Green. Not far, but enough to get the juices flowing. I’m trying to justify riding the bikes to McDonald’s to get egg McMuffins for breakfast in the morning. Would that count as exercise?

We were going to begin a westward trek towards Nebraska, but we will take a short detour. There is a man south of Nashville who works on big trucks and welds for a living. We want him to look at our truck bed to see if he can do anything to make the unusable space useable for the short term. The bed was poorly made and is more of a detriment than a benefit right now. We don’t want an entire bed rebuild (that is what he normally does) just a little Band-Aid until we determine what will suit our needs. He has offered us free hookups at his place while he looks over the truck. It is a mighty generous offer and we are grateful. The next night or two we will be staying in Unionville, TN on a small acreage homestead determining how we can lighten our wallets a bit more. Trey is excited: I’m a bit nervous.

So, we will spend one more night in our parking lot paradise – along with about ten other RVs left over from the conference.

I hope y’all are having a  great weekend and that Monday morning finds you rested and ready for work again!

We are praying for each of you!