Trey and Susan Adventures

As we were leaving East Texas, we noticed how green everything is! Such a contrast to a very dry Central Texas.

Throughout AK and TN there were rivers well over their banks and we saw a few flooded houses and business from the interstate. We even saw large trees blown over from the storms that passed through. It was a beautiful day, though. Blue skies and mild temps.

Just so you don’t think it is all butterflies and roses on the road, the current view from our window is a Volvo parts and service door. We lost a belt about lunchtime and stopped in Nashville to get it fixed. It didn’t effect driving or safety or put us in any danger – just kept the alternator from charging the batteries.  I tried to get a pic of the station, but it was too dark. RAther than stay at a park two hours before Nashville, we will stay at a park about an hour North of Nashville. This day was a bit longer than than we anticipated. They say life is never dull on the road! That is proving to be true!