Trey and Susan Adventures

We made a 2 PM appointment for Trey's driving test. This gave us time to get a few things (like laundry) taken care of before we hitched up.

I met Valerie in the laundry room (she has the exact same trailer we have - just a year older.) WE talked a bit about our lives and shared our interest in things related to learning about God. I gave her the website. She was excited about written lesson found there (and the new stuff we hope to develop soon.) I was kicking myself for not having any WT DVDs left to hand out. She said she will listen anytime someone teaches from the Bible – her eyes lit up when I told her about the WT. She is a quilter and has made many quilts over the past years. I’m glad I had a little time to see some of her work (most of her quilts were already given away). She takes traditional blocks and puts her own unique style to them. She has a wonderful eye for color!

We left for the drivers test at 1:30 PM.  He passed! :) Thrilled, we then hit the road for the rest of our journey - whether for two years or two decades.

We drove in to Texarkana exhausted. In the morning we awoke in a fog – no really! See:

We are driving to Jackson, TN today. Tomorrow we arrive at the safety conference.

Have a blessed day!