Trey and Susan Adventures

We had several weeks before a busy summer schedule and needed a place to stop for a while to work and rest. North Carolina has always been a place where we have been able to balance work and play effectively (most of the time). While April has been mostly work, we have taken a few opportunities to drive in the mountains and see this beautiful countryside.

A favorite drive has been across Roan Mountain. This drive takes us away from any big towns and through some beautiful North Carolina and Tennessee scenery. On this day, it also took us to a winter wonderland!

03 HoarFrost01

Frost in Texas means one thing, in the mountains of the Appalachia can mean something else entirely! Driving toward Roan Mountain we saw the frosty top, but had no idea what was there. It was shrouded in clouds, was it rain? It looked kinda white, was it snow? We discussed this all the way up the mountain. There was no snow on the road or ground but the trees were frosty white. Later research made us think it was hoar frost. After looking at pictures on Google, we wished we had taken a few close-ups!

1916 RoanMtnHoarFrost

We've driven a few new roads this year, but most of our travels have been through familiar areas. Because we are working so much, we take only the prettiest days to venture our and have been rewarded with a few great driving days. These sights just never get old!

03 DirtRoad

03 Landscape01

03 Landscape02

03 Landscape03

03 Landscape04

03 SCVista01

03 Vista01

Along the way, we have made a few stops and taken a few hikes exploring local waterfalls: some old, some new.

03 Waterfall  03 Waterfall02

03 Waterfall03jpg

We plan to remain here another week or so. Trey has a business trip and is scheduled to fly out of a local airport. We will then travel north do get a few business related things done in the DC area. We just might find a day or two to explore that area also!