Trey and Susan Adventures

After leaving Tennessee, we made a short trip to Kansas to talk to some friends about our truck. After a quick examination and a few simple sketches, the guys at RVH Lifestyles thought they could make our truck bed carry our Smart car with just a few minor adjustments. 

We made an appointment for a non-snowy day in February and agreed to remove the boxes and upper fairings from our truck. They would take care of the rest. 

The box and fairing removal went smoothly, but it was well after dark when we finished.

1904 Truck02

1904 Truck01

We found a warmish time window in Kansas, and Trey drove the truck to RVH Lifestyles. It took the guys only half a day to install the loader system for the Smart and we were in business!

We also got a new set of shoes for the RV - a costly, but necessary acquisition.

02 Tires

Because of weather and a very busy schedule, we were unable to load the Smart until we left Susan's mom in Bellville. Everything went well and we were quite relieved.

02 Load

02 Clearance

Many other things filled our time this winter, mostly work-related. Trey traveled a lot for RVSEF teaching RV classes at various cities across the US. Science Fair, as usual, consumed all of January and February for Susan. It was kind of a divide and conquer winter for us. By the time it was over, we were quite relieved to be able to travel together and not have all significant conversations by phone.