Trey and Susan Adventures

We returned to Michigan in September to watch the Astros play in Detroit. Detroit has an awesome stadium. There are tigers everywhere. The tiger gargoyles in this photo have baseballs in their mouths that light up at night. They even had a tiger merry-go-round in the food court.


Detroit has four pro sports teams within walking distance and our first game coincided with the Detroit Lions playing on Monday night football across the street. Two pro teams in such close proximity gave us a first hand look at the law of supply and demand. Our baseball tickets cost $10, but parking was $30. That was a bit hard to swallow.

It seems we weren't the only Astros fans at the game.


We talked to lots of folks who were in town to see the Astros. Some were long-time fans like us. Others recently started following Houston because they were so much fun to watch. Justin Verlander was pitching that night and we saw just as many Verlander Astro jerseys as Verlander Tiger jerseys. They gave a touching welcome to Justin as he walked to the dugout before the game. They miss him in Detroit, but we love having him in Houston.


It was a great game and we enjoyed talking to folks as the game progressed. The guy in the seat next to us came just to watch Verlander toss a couple of innings, then left to watch the football game across the street.  Should have stayed with us because the Lions lost badly.

We had a little time to fill before the game the following day so we visited the The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. The museum was interesting, but there was a power issue and many of the interactive exhibits did not work until it was time for us to go. If we had more time and consistent power, we would've enjoyed it much more. Still, it was interesting and there were some cool things to see. This is a blowup of a Model T (sorry about the quality, but it was very dark inside.)


Greenfield Village was Ford's way of preserving history to teach others about an incredible time in history. It seems he was a collector of large things and brought buildings from across the globe to put in Greenfield Village to preserve and teach others. This was an English Cottage his wife fell in love with while touring the British Isles so he bought it and had it shipped back to the US piece by piece. It took 18 box cars to bring the house, barn and fence to Greenfield Village. Each piece was marked and put back together like a puzzle.


Thomas Edison's workshop and a few other buildings were also here, along with Firestone's boyhood farm (there was no mention of Tesla). It was a nice way to spend the afternoon. When it grew to hot too walk, we took a taxi. The transportation pass was costly so we planned to walk everywhere but someone had two unused wristbands and offered them to us. It was warm, so we gladly accepted.


If you get to Dearborn, MI we recommend the Ford exhibits. There is much history in both of these parks.

Later that evening, we returned to Tiger Stadium to watch a second game. It was September 11, and the Tigers did a touching and patriotic tribute to those lost in 2001. Good job Tigers!


We would have loved to stay for Game three, but worked called us back to Indiana. It was a great overnight getaway to see our favorite team play.