Trey and Susan Adventures

We had been following the World Series very closely. The Astros had a phenomenal year and they were doing excellent in the post-season. We were in the middle of a horse field (manure and all) in Texarkana finishing up an RV Rally and trying to decide what to do next. We had planned to drive to the Natchez Trace to watch the leaves turn, but cold and rain for forecast for the area for almost two weeks. If we waited out the weather, the leaves would probably all be gone. 

While watching Game 5 of the World Series, we learned that the watch party at Minute Maid Park (for away games) was free. This curveball was a pitch we could hit. If we couldn't go to a game, going to a watch party at the stadium was the next best thing. After a few conversations with Chris and Jana (sister and brother-in-law) we decided that this was an event that couldn't be missed. 

We met the Howies ouside of Houston ann drove in together. Chris had landed a nice hotel with his points, (thanks, Chris!) so we checked in and walked a few blocks to the ballpark. The line to get in (behind us).


Surrounded by over 20,000 other fans, we watched game 6 on the jumbo screen and hooted and hollerd with each play. This is a view from the outfield (sorta under the big screen.)


It was a great game but unfortuneatly, the Stros didn't seal the deal that night. Chris found us a deal on another hotel nearby (at a price we could afford) and we decided to stay another night. We had a small scare when we realized Chris and Jana only had game 6 vouchers, but a quick online search lead them to 2 game 7 vouchers (for a small fee) and we were off the the staduim for a second night.


Game 7 was history-making and the Astros are FINALLY World Series Champions! The energy in the staduim was electric and our hands hurt from giving so many high fives to perfect strangers all night long. We've already made a date with the Howies for next year when the Astros do it all over again.



After Game 7, we returned to Bellville and visited with Susan's mom for almost a week. Then we headed out to Austin. A few weeks after settling in Buda for the winter, a freak snowstorm hit and covered us with 3" of snow. It was beautiful, but short-lived.


In January, the Astros sent the World Series Trophy on tour and we (the two of us and Chris and Jana) stopped by Academy one afternoon to get our picture with it. The line was long and snaked through the aisles of Academy. We waited a little over an hour in the target practice section, about 450 - 500 people back. While we didn't get our photo with the trophy, we were able to get a photo of the trophy and spend a wonderful evening together.