Trey and Susan Adventures

The purpose of our Lincoln/Roca, NE trip was to help Clyde and Bev White move into a new house. They were moving from an acreage (a real estate term we recently learned) in Roca to a (slightly) smaller house in a South Lincoln neighborhood. The homes were only a few miles apart, so it wasn't a long distance move. In fact, we are fairly certain we traveled more miles up and down basement stairs (in both houses) than we did driving to and from each house! The first two moving days we had help from the Whites friends and hired movers. 

Everything with the move went pretty smoothly except for the loud clanging BANG we heard on Day 2. Susan was packing a few things in the living room, but the moment she heard the crash, she knew exactly what happened. It seems the (hired) movers dropped the White's granddaughter's antique Steinway studio piano onto it's back on the driveway. The remainder of the day, and for weeks after, Susan's mind was drawn to the sound described in 1 Corinthians 13.1.

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels,
but have not love,
I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal.
1 Corinthians 13:1

If the sounding brass or clanging cymbal sounds anything like that piano, it is not good. We fear too often we have sounded like that piano: no good sounds are made and lasting damage is sure to come. It reminds us to be circumspect and aware of the words we speak and more grateful for the forgiveness that so freely flows from God through Christ.

By the end of the second day, the Roca house was over 3/4 emptied and the Lincoln house was filling quickly. The remainder of the move was just us and the Whites. Progress was slower after Day 2, but it was steady. Bit by bit, box by box, item by item, everything that needed to be moved was moved and by the end of the month, the house was empty, clean (really clean!), and ready to be sold. The last Sunday in May we had an open house and by Tuesday, the Whites had accepted an offer. We are all thankful for such a quick offer and hope the closing all goes smoothly.

This was our last stay in Roca and it was a little bittersweet. We are so glad the Whites found a place that will be easier to care for - especially the yard, but we will certainly miss our time on the acreage

We have posted photos during our various stays here, but we thought we'd post a few more of the property; more for our sake than anyone else's. 

This is where we park. The pole barn is behind the trailer and the field out the door slopes down to a garden and a beautiful sunset each night.


Birds and bunnies frolic in this field all day long and it is fun to look out the kitchen window to see who is enjoying the sunshine. Bobwhites are the most vocal, but elusive. We never got a good shot of one.



Various structures on the property make for great pictures.



You can almost see our RV next to the pole barn beyond the spring flowers in bloom.


Sunsets are always amazing here and we have beautiful views just outside our door. (no filter, just brillance!)


We also had a few storms roll through during our stay. Stormy skies are always fun to watch.


About five years ago, Susan planted chives and a few other herbs near our parking spot. She was excited to see the chives still thriving when we arrived (we think the rabbits had a taste for the other herbs). Three large bunches were in bloom and made for a great harvest. We now have three pounds of herb butter in the freezer to eat the rest of the year. We've already tried some on some farmer's market sourdough and it was wonderful! She also made some Chive Blossom Vinegar that turned a brilliant deep pink after a couple of weeks.


This inspired her to grow more herbs on the road, so the next trip to the farmer's market, we bought a 12x12 flat of mixed herbs. It has been thinned out once and is already due for a second thinning.


While in Roca, we were able to visit with some RVing friends on their way to Alaska this year. We were also able to visit with the pastor at our favorite Lincoln church. It is always such a blessing to visit with him and hear him teach.

The first weekend in June we needed to be in Colorado, so we made a quick exit after the Open House in Roca. We were glad to be able to stay through the completion of the work.

Many blessings in your new home, Clyde and Bev! It was great to see you and we look forward to a sit down visit again soon.