Trey and Susan Adventures

The Drive from Kansas to Colorado Springs on Monday was easy and uneventful. We arrived at the Garden of the God's Campground and started unpacking for the week. Setting up at this camp was probably our most difficult one so far. The roads inside the park were a bit narrow for our novice skills and for some reason, we really struggled to level the rig. After the third attempt (with an audience from a nearby motor-home) we were finally successful. This is the view about 30 feet from our front door. Sigh.

[caption id="attachment_446" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Pike's Peak as seen from Campground"][/caption]

We came to Colorado Springs to meet Josh and Jenn McDonald who are vacationing with their boys, Caleb and Philip. They arrived shortly after we did. They are staying in a cabin about a two minute walk from our site. We both got unpacked and somewhat settled then we ran over to their place to visit, then grabbed dinner together. It was great seeing them and getting somewhat caught up.

This morning, we all went to the Cave of the Winds and toured the caves. It was an interesting tour, but watching the boys was much more captivating for me. While we waited for our tour to begin, we went downstairs to an area set up for kids. The views of the valley from the balcony were really great and you could watch bikers far down below. They had full sized cave maze with walls, multiple entrances and exits, and items to search for. Then there was a kids crawling maze that had four levels and over 100 feet of crawling tunnels. It was a pretty cool set up and a great way to pass the time.

[caption id="attachment_447" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Philip coming out of the maze- "Watch your head!""][/caption]

When it was time for our tour, we all went upstairs. It wasn't the most amazing cave we've seen, but it has its share of sights. I would tell you about each picture, but as I said, Philip and Caleb were much more interesting than our tour guide. I was a bit distracted.

[caption id="attachment_448" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="McDonalds inside the cave"]


Us outside

Trey spent the evening fixing flats on the bikes. We had two flats from Kansas that he fixed this morning, and then we had two more flats when we got home. We think the same Kansas thorn bush put holes in three of the four tires. We bought two new inner-tubes today to use as backups. Who knew we'd need them so quickly! We have to ride our bikes to the Pike's Peak Cog Railroad tomorrow, because the truck is too big for the parking lot. It isn't a long ride, but there is quite a bit of elevation. This will test our endurance.

The McDonald's came over later for a quick "goodnight" so we got to hear about their trip to the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Center. They had a blast! It really is fun getting to see and hear the world through their eyes for a little while. And we sure are enjoying getting to see God's creative power shown all around us!