Trey and Susan Adventures

We left Lincoln, NE this morning and ended up in Goodland, KS. It was a long day of driving, but pretty much event-free. We were both a bit nervous about hitching and driving because it had been a while since we traveled. We drove through beautiful farmlands in NE and KS and had wonderful (if not a bit monotonous) scenery to view along the way. Trey made a few tweaks on the truck while in Lincoln, and it seemed to fix an irritating (noise) issue we had while driving. We will test it again tomorrow on the last leg of our trip.

Once we got set up at the RV park, we ate dinner, watched Little House, and went for a bike ride. We rode down a dirt farm road near the park past corn, soybean, and what we think was barley (similar to, but smaller than wheat), then through a couple of small neighborhoods. About a half mile from the park, Trey's bike had a flat and we walked the rest of the way back. Temps were in the upper 80s, but considering what we had been dealing with, it was cool and refreshing. We were able to watch a beautiful sunset over the fields. Had I known we were going to ride through farmland, I would have taken my camera, but once again, I was ill-prepared.

More to come from our final destination.