Trey and Susan Adventures

Here is our rig at our site at Rainbow's End in Livingston, TX:


We woke up early and had a leisurely morning. We ate a hot breakfast (eggs, sausage, and potatoes) then studied for our tests. I think I have lost any study habits I ever had. It was difficult to concentrate. I dreaded going to take that test, but Trey was so tired of studying that he was ready to go. We went. For a small office (Livingston, TX) it was pretty crowded in there. We had to wait for a bit, but each filled out our paperwork and took our tests. I decided not to take the written portion of the Class A test because I hadn’t studied for it at all in over a month. I only took the Class M test to prepare for a potential scooter in our future. Trey took both tests. We passed! Whew! We have to call at 8AM Tuesday to make an appointment for Trey’s driving test, then be ready to hitch up and drive whenever our time is set. If all goes well, we leave Livingston tomorrow after the test. If he hits a curb (automatic failure) we stay another day to try again. Our entire rig is about 65’ – much longer than the average RVer – so this test will be tricky.

We came home and ate lunch (BBQ Baked Potatoes) and then relaxed a bit. I tried to locate campgrounds to accommodate either a two or three day trip to Bowling Green. That way if we are here an extra day, we have an idea how to travel.

Once we tired of relaxing went on a long bike ride exploring Rainbow’s End, the RV park where we are staying. It is pretty cool here. There are several sections to Rainbows End. There are deeded lots where owners build anything from sheds to houses and park their RV on their property. There are campground sites (where we are) where people stay from a night to a month. There are also long-term sites. Then there is the Care Center. Those needing adult day care can stay here and get help. I’m not sure how it all works, but it seems to  be great support for RVers. It was fun to ride a bike again (Trey’s back did great) – I look forward to our next ride.

After our ride, we read some and Trey studied for the driving test – he had to memorize a series of brake tests since many testers quiz on that knowledge. I tested him later and he did great! We ate a quick dinner (black beans and rice) and went to bed early.