Trey and Susan Adventures

This week has been a bit draggy for us. We went out to the Whites a couple of times (Clyde got his iPad in), and ran various errands and such, but neither of us were feeling particularly chipper most of the week. So, we relaxed quite a bit and worked on small projects. Trey tweaked the Heavy Haulers RV Campgrounds webpage and worked on a few Operation Outreach projects and Susan kept busy with minor housekeeping and crochet projects.

[[ Side note on the HHRV Campground webpage: When we first began considering this lifestyle and our "traveling style" we met some very helpful folks on an RV forum. They patiently answered our numerous questions and freely gave great advice and helpful information regarding RVing and HDTs (Heavy Duty Truck). We have been trying to find a way to adequately say "thanks" for their generosity. When the call for an HDT  specific campground guide came, Trey volunteered to help in whatever way he could. After talking back and forth with some learned folks, the end result was the Heavy Haulers Campground webpage. HDTers from all over North America submit good campgrounds for these big trucks and fifth wheels, and Trey enters them into the webpage for all to use as a tool to plan their trips. It has been a fun project for him, a definite help for us in the future, and hopefully a small thanks for all the great help we have received from this community. ]]

We woke this morning wanting to bike somewhere today, but not sure where. We briefly considered the Haymarket again, but quickly decided against it. While it was an interesting place to see (once) there wasn't anything we needed there - especially real veggies. There was a McDonald's about four miles away and that sounded like a good breakfast, so we opted for that. After breakfast, there were a few places in that part of Lincoln we needed to check out for hard to find RV products. The first place was a bust, but we found what we needed at the next store. As we were biking home, we saw a small farmer's market sign and diverted to see what they had. After climbing about a mile UPHILL we saw the veggie truck and it indeed had good veggies. We were able to get green beans (first fresh ones we've found in NE) corn, and a tomato. The watermelon looked really good, but Trey's back back was way too small. They're open daily in the same spot, so we will try again later this week.

After we arrived home, we de-sweated and got ready for lunch. The afternoon was spent working on Operation Outreach projects and other small projects here and there.

By the evening, we were ready to get out again. I guess the inactivity of the first part of the week was catching up to us. We decided to bike downtown to eat at a Chicago-Style pizza place we saw last week. The pizza was good, but we were so hot after the bike ride, we could only eat one piece each. On the way home, we saw that the Radio Controlled car race track was occupied. We decided to stop and watch for a bit. They had gas and electric cars going at different times and the drivers were quite skilled.

Next door to this track is a miniature dirt track (didn't get a picture) with all kinds of hills and dips. We are interested to see what they race there.

We haven't really mentioned the churches we've visited as we have traveled. We missed a couple of Sundays in Tennessee because of truck issues (either not having access to it, or not being able to park it in the parking lot) but have managed to make it somewhere most other weeks. It's been interesting for the most part, but a bit sad too. With the lifestyle choice we've made, there is no real opportunity to grow with the folks we sit next to each week. Occasional emails and phone calls from old friends aren't the same as consistent talks about struggles and growth and the spurring on of one another is missed. We look forward to new opportunities for growth in this area.

"As iron sharpens iron,
So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend."
Proverbs 27.17