Trey and Susan Adventures

We made a (somewhat) last-minute decision to join our friends at the Heavy Duty Truck East Coast Rally in Crossville, TN last week.



There were over 50 folks there, some with trucks and some looking to get trucks. As you can imagine there was a lot of truck talk - at least among the men. The women folk talked of more womanly things. We were either working or visiting with friends all week, so there wasn't much time for picture-taking, but Susan did have a chance to hop in a Jeep with a friend and enjoy a little drive through back roads for a bit. She was more focused on talking and taking in the scenery that taking pictures, so there are only a few worth showing.




We saw many animals while at the campground: Geese, bats, deer, turkey, but we didn't get good pictures. Friends who were better with cameras got many pictures. One even shot a video of a beaver who lived in the campground lake.

The important part of the week was seeing old friends and making new ones.