Trey and Susan Adventures

We relaxed a bit the morning of the Fourth. It was a nice, lazy day. That evening we went over to the Whites and ate dinner with Clyde, Bev, and Abbie, their granddaughter. It was pretty much an experimental meal as Clyde tried new techniques on the grill. Experiment success - it was excellent!

After dinner (and dessert) Abbie went home and the Whites and us drove to Hickman to watch the local fireworks.

We arrived about 45 minutes early, but the locals already had a show going. There were non-stop fireworks from people all over town right up until the time the city firework show started. It was a good show and we really enjoyed watching the fireworks with Clyde and Bev.

After the "show" we went back to the Whites and had dessert, uh, er, second dessert. A great way to end a wonderful day!

I hope your Fourth of July Celebrations were fun and you had a little time to thank God for his blessings thus far. I know we did.