Trey and Susan Adventures

This morning we set our alarm for the first time since we left Austin. Downtown Lincoln has a Farmer's Market each Saturday. It was about five miles away by bike and we figured if we got an early start, the ride wouldn't be very hot. We had a nice ride to the Market, found a place to park our bikes and walked around for a bit.

[caption id="attachment_365" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="The back of the market was less crowded and you could see the old street bricks."][/caption]

It was a pretty big market and we walked around looking at the offerings for about an hour. Of course there were fresh offerings from the farm, and meat and dairy products. But there were also many hand-crafted items for sale and tons of food. I'm not sure if it is always this crowded or if extra people were in for the holiday weekend, but it was a bit difficult to maneuver. We had taken a backpack and over-sized hip pack not knowing what we'd find. In the end, we purchased two good-looking onions (one red and one yellow). Had we been beet lovers, we would have had many choices, but we just stuck to the onions. We sat for a bit trying to decide whether to do a late breakfast or just head home. Home won.

The ride back took a bit more work since it was more uphill, but we made it home almost five minutes faster than our trip out. We were both hot and tired after our trek and hoped the inside air conditioning would cool us off a bit. Funny, but it didn't seem very cool inside. The AC seemed to be working. When we checked the outside temps, we realized it wasn't even 80* out - the heat we felt was self-inflicted. We cooled off a bit and got ready for lunch.

We ate our reliable standby lunch: Macaroni & Cheese and Sausage made with a new shaped pasta: Radiatore (which Trey quickly changed to "radiator pasta")

Mac & Cheese is a regular on our menu as we eat it about once a week. While I don't always pose my food, I had to get a picture today. I used fresh chives from my new herb "garden" on lunch today. It was the first harvest! Even with the delectable offerings from my "garden" lunch only received an average rating. I got a bit too happy with my cheese blend experiment and it was a bit more bland than normal. I would say that I won't make that mistake again, but if you know me, you know I probably will.

My herb garden usually lives on the truck bed or picnic table, depending on the sun. I don't know what I will do with it on travel days yet.

Today is also the Lincoln Uncle Sam Jam. It is held at the lake a few miles from our campground. We were going to ride out to the lake to watch, but decided to catch it from the disc golf course instead. We left the trailer between dusk and dark and the fireflies were putting on quite a show of their own. I wish there was a way to capture the sparkling in the trees as we rode past the small grove outside out campsite. There were just so many! WE arrived about 45 minutes early, found a good spot at the top of a hill, put out our Astros blanket and prepared for the show. We had doused ourselves with OFF! before we left, but we should have dunked ourselves in it instead. The skeeters were even more prolific than the fireflies! A couple of radio broadcasts played patriotic music during the fireworks show, so we put in our ear buds and turned on our little FM radio. It was a nice show, but not synchronized to the music like Friday Night Fireworks at Minute Maid. Here is the last minute of the show:

I should apologize for the camera shake/jitter. I didn't bring the tripod and had to slap mosquitoes while trying to hold the camera still.

Since this was only July 2nd, there are more fireworks shows scheduled for tomorrow and Monday nights in other places. One of us will have to see if we can talk the other one of us into going to more. ;)