Trey and Susan Adventures

We've been in Nebraska for a few weeks now. The weather has been cool with temps below 90*. Rain has been abundant with over 4.5" in June alone. Day lilies are blooming everywhere and everything is beautifully green! Things are changing though - we're now looking at temps in the low 100's. Sigh, thought we left those behind in Texas.

Speaking of Texas, it is funny how you see glimpses of familiarity in strange places. The past week, I've seen a 2 year old Ethan Schultz running around the campground. It's been fun to watch his boundless energy and to wave at him as we pass by in the big red truck - he loves the big truck and giggles and waves when we pass. He and his family are tent camping at the end of our row and I can see them from my desk window. This past week we've had two major thunderstorms in the middle of the night and when I got up to check the radar on my computer, I saw the family move out of the tent and into the van. We've had a few of those nights while camping with teens! We also saw the "Senior Version" of some friends from Austin at a pancake breakfast. Neither of us said anything about it until we were back at the rig, but both of us noticed the resemblance.

We've had some good visits with the Whites and we are laying groundwork for future plans for Life is quite busy for the Clyde and Bev right now, so more intensive plans won't begin until after this weekend. Meanwhile, we've hit some old haunts (DQ) and have had some great times catching up. Here is a group of us one Sunday afternoon:

We blogged about the first College World Series game last week. We went to the second UT game also. Sadly, it ended much like the first and also eliminated UT and A&M from further tournament play. The temps that day were only in the mid 80*s but we were sitting under a bright sun and although there was a 30 MPH wind blowing that day, there was no wind behind the wall we sat in front of. It was HOT! It it weren't for sunscreen, we would have returned to Lincoln as lobsters.

Mollie was in Lincoln this past week and Tuesday she accompanied us on an errand to Omaha. We stopped off at King Kong Burger on the way. I remembered my camera there...

[caption id="attachment_339" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Hokey decor, good burgers!"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_342" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Mollie and Trey ready to ride (while I'm outside taking a few pics)"][/caption]

...but left it in the the car the rest of the trip. If you have spent any time with Mollie, you understand just how distractions can happen. We did a few Omaha things in Omaha and got Mollie some ice cream (Mmmm okay, we had some, too) then headed home. It was nice having a bit of Texas here for a little while.

We've ridden our bikes a few times around North Lincoln. One ride took us all the way downtown. Some of the scenes around the lake and through the disc golf park at sunset were beautiful, and there were rabbits, fireflies, birds and such throughout the bike path, but Susan forgot the camera. Sigh, maybe next time.

Trey went on a photo/video commercial prep shoot with the guy next door. It was a chance to see a professional photographer/videographer/web developer in action. We hope to use some of these experiences to help further develop There is still much to learn!