Trey and Susan Adventures

We had an opportunity to go watch UT play at the CWS.

We parked our big truck about 10 miles away and took the bus to and from the game. It was a bit of leg work, but worked out very well.

It was a sad game, but thought you might like some pictures. We sat in far right field.

This was our view of the field.

People were everywhere, the sun was bright and hot, and we stood in line for two hours just to get in the gate. We were grateful for a seat since many folks had to stand. The atmosphere at the CWS is great. If you get a chance to go to a game, you should. We texted with Matt the first half of the game and David the second half - that only added to the fun!

We've spent the past two days with the Whites catching up. We look forward to seeing them even more soon.

Poppy, we hope you have a wonderful start to Father's Day!

We love you!