Trey and Susan Adventures

Life in campgrounds is proving to be quite different than life in the suburbs. So many factors create a social atmosphere that it is difficult to remain secluded and in the shadows. Folks are outside more - walking dogs, working on their RVs, hiking, biking, you name it. Just coming across so many people involved in so many different activities provokes interaction.

The man on the door side of out trailer teased us about the size of our truck and then we began to talk about full-timing life in general. It turns out that he works as a web designer on the road and has a pretty nice set up in his rig. He gave us a tour and showed us some of his work. It was fabulous! From outward appearances, he was a scruffy old man who probably couldn't use a cell phone. But in reality designed amazing web pages with brilliant photos and professional videos. He is a one man technology show! Trey continued to talk to him about his work for a couple of hours.

While they were talking geek stuff, I had a short very conversation with a lady at the next campsite over. In about two minutes I learned that she and her husband were traveling for four weeks to visit their children and grandchildren in various parts of the Eastern US. They had RVed for years, but this was their last trip because the husband had "gotten sick." As quickly as the conversation began, it ended. The neighbor slipped quickly and quietly back inside her door. There was no time for a response to the drama laid out before me. I could say nothing but "I'm sorry" and then she was gone. I continued cleaning up outside to see if she would return, but she never did. It was a good opportunity for me to pray for her and her family. They were bittersweet prayers for the joys that they would receive as they saw loved ones on this trip and for the trials that would follow as they learned say good bye and to deal with whatever trials this illness would bring. Whatever difficulties they are about to face, I hope that they can see God's greatness and receive His comfort through it all.

While waiting to see if my neighbor would venture outside again, a couple walked up and introduced themselves. They saw an Escapees sticker on our RV (put there by previous owners) and came by to say hello. They had met Trey the day before and spoke briefly with him. This couple just began full-timing in February. So far they have traveled through 20 states! They head west after their stay here. In our conversation we realized we had driven the same route here within hours of each other. They had a picture of the dirt dikes we saw in the river towns, so he sent it to me. This was  a service station about to close. The mounds surround all but the entrance to the garage. The mounds here are a bit shorter than the ones I saw, but you get the idea.

We did a quick tour of each others rigs and then said goodbye. They will be here through the rest of the week, so I'm sure we will see them again.

As we were leaving Tractor Supply the next day (yes, we go there often) a man was waiting in the parking lot by the door and said, "You must be Trey." He introduced himself as a fellow from the HDT (Heavy Duty Truck) forum and said he recognized our truck. He had been watching the progress of the bed build (as we have been watching his) and was surprised to see it in Lincoln. He currently lives in Kansas City (selling his house in July to full-time) and was here on business. We talked for a bit in the parking lot and then he had to run. He gave us his contact information, so hopefully we can meet up again before he leaves the area.

This was just a 24 hour window of meeting people and learning about their lives. In the short time we've been on the road, I am amazed by the people we've met and stories we've heard. I look forward to the opportunities I have to interact with them, pray for them, learn from them, and hopefully give to them. I wondered a bit about opportunities for personal service on the road. I am seeing that God is providing many opportunities - I now wonder how many I will acknowledge and respond to.