Trey and Susan Adventures

The week has been filled with chores around the trailer. The exterior has been thoroughly cleaned by hand and is much whiter and brighter than before. We still need to wax it, but that will have to wait until our next stop because it will take a week or more to do that by hand. We've done quite a bit of deep cleaning and rearranging inside too. We've had a few repairs to make (leaks, broken items, and the like) and a few modifications we are working on, but for a 10 and 9 year old truck and trailer, things look good.

Susan lost 12" this week. We no longer own a hair dryer or curling iron, so this is a great "wash and wear" doo! We will post a better picture of both of us later when we aren't all dirty and in our work clothes.

Trey has been working on some web stuff in his downtime this week. Just some behind the scenes stuff to make the process smoother.

We figured out how to do Facebook (kinda) and made a joint page named: TreyandSusan Selman We don't really plan to do all the "Facebook Things" but we will announce blog posts and updates there.

JW has made quick progress on the truck bed. Here is what it looked like three days ago:

It now has paint on the sides and Rhino-lining on the top surface.

Here is the painted version from JW's iPhone.  Sorry for the small size, but I nabbed it off his Facebook page.

He will take the truck in to the shop in the morning to mount the bed. Depending on how smoothly that goes, we will get it back sometime that afternoon. We will leave here Sunday or Monday for Lincoln, NE.

We appreciate your ongoing prayers for this ministry and continue to keep you in ours.