Trey and Susan Adventures

We awoke at 4:30 AM this morning and began our departure preparations. Trey’s dad met us at the church before we left, so there were a few pictures hugs before we left. We drove to Brenham to see Susan's mom and say goodbye. Sigh, more pictures. We ate (second) breakfast and visited at the Whataburger. Then Susan's mom dropped us off and said goodbye. More hugs, but no tears – good job Mom!


The drive to Livingston was uneventful and we arrived at Rainbow’s End, got a great pull through spot, and set up for a couple of days. While outside, we met our neighbors. They are returning to Galveston to close on their house and then hit then road full time next month. (what could they be thinking?!?)

We got in the truck to check out the TDL office where we will go for testing tomorrow, went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart (our second Wal-Mart today) and came home exhausted.

We take our written tests tomorrow and Trey will take the driving test Tuesday. If all goes well, we leave for KY and safety school (RVSEF) after that.

Thanks for your concern and your prayers. Now it is time to study for our truck tests!