Trey and Susan Adventures

Last November, we visited the coastal area of South Carolina. This Spring, we stayed in the northwestern part of the state.
We chose a quiet campground near a town large enough to get some chores completed.

Once our few days in Columbus had passed, we moved farther east.

We left Austin on our anniversary and don't plan to return for nine to ten months. Kind of a long anniversary trip!

After leaving South Carolina, we traveled to Florida for a little over a week to work on all things RVSEF. It was a busy week, but we were able to catch up with friends and get much accomplished. While there, we took an afternoon to see some HDT friends in Cocoa. They had purchased a truck since the last time we saw them and we got the grand tour. She is a beauty!

From there we took our scales to Florida DOT to have them checked (they passed!) and then headed to Texas. 

We will be working in Texas for the next three months.

After leaving the mountains, we traveled to the coastal area of South Carolina. We were hoping to get in a few good drives in and see a few coastal sights. The weather didn't cooperate much, but we got a few days of sight-seeing in anyway.

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