Trey and Susan Adventures

Because of rainy conditions here in eastern Tennessee, we decided to stay an extra couple of days. It is pretty here and we don't like traveling in the rain, so why not stay put? We planned to spend that rainy time working since we had spent three of the last five days exploring and visiting with friends. But the rain was finished earlier than expected, so we took off Thursday afternoon to make one more drive. It was a treat because we thought we had done all the sight-seeing we would be able to do. We were glad to be wrong.

On what will probably be our last day of leaf peeping before the rain comes, we decided to take another 150+ mile ride through scenic roads. The first leg was down the Foothills Parkway like before. We have a few raindrops, but nothing significant. It caused of a bit of nervousness on our part, but the road didn't even get wet. We pressed onward. The colors seemed even more magnificent than our previous two trips down this road.

Although we left Goshen, we still had another week in Indiana. We moved to the southern part of the state and stayed at the CERAland Campground. CERAland is a campground that used to be owned by Cummins and was transferred to the local community a while back. It is a large facility with baseball fields, putt putt golf, shooting and archery, and so much more. We were there to do a couple of safety seminars and weigh some RVs. The path from the campground to the main building was a little over 1/2 a mile and we walked it several times each day. We could have ridden the scooter, but the air was crisp and the scenery was beautiful so we walked. Here are a few sights we passed on our daily walks. You can see that Autumn had arrived here. We hoped it was a small glimpse of great things to come.

We have spent the past month is Goshen with very few repairs. After last month, we were glad for a break!

There isn't much out of the ordinary to write about. We've mostly worked at our various jobs.

We got a bit excited about the Harvest Moon Eclipse, but we had cloud cover. We sat on a hill in the fairground with our telephoto lense attached to the camera phone. This was the best we could do.

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