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We have spent the past month is Goshen with very few repairs. After last month, we were glad for a break!

There isn't much out of the ordinary to write about. We've mostly worked at our various jobs.

We got a bit excited about the Harvest Moon Eclipse, but we had cloud cover. We sat on a hill in the fairground with our telephoto lense attached to the camera phone. This was the best we could do.

We decided to stay in Northern Indian to get some repairs done on the RV. Some were planned, others were not.

There is not a lot to post about since our last blog almost a month ago. We have been staying at the Elkhart County Fairground in Goshen, Indiana the past few weeks, mostly working. One of those weeks was an RV Rally where we taught RV Tire and Weight Safety and weighed RVs. Folks were arriving and leaving on different days, so we weighed RVs on seven different days, mostly in the mornings. It is never ideal to set up and take down so many times, but the early morning weighs were quiet and allowed us to catch some nice sunrises.

Iowa and Stormy Weather

We've been either working or traveling since our last post. It has been a good time, but very busy.

Love America's Heartland!

...and that is a good thing, because we will be here for a while.

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