Trey and Susan Adventures

We left Indiana a week ago and we have been in a whirlwind of activity.

In a risky attempt to avoid summer heat, we decided to stay in Northern Indiana for the remainder of June. We have had a few hot days, but most have been in the 80's (nice!) and the storms that have passed our way haven't been too severe. It has been a good time to catch up on work and life in the fairgrounds has something of interest each week.

Last week we worked at an RV rally in Decatur, Indiana. Rather than dry camp and deal with the heat, we stayed in a campground about 40 minutes away. We were assigned a site that backed up to a freshly planted field and were treated to great views all week long. Sunrise each morning was spectacular!

Our plan was to spend the weekend in Goshen, then head into Michigan for a week or so. Plans change. Rather than explore Michigan, we decided to get a few housekeeping chores taken care of and take a short test trip to watch the Memorial Golf Tournament in Dublin, OH.

May 1st marked the fifth anniversary of our life on the road. I would say we paused and reflected on the past five years sharing memories with each other. But we didn't. In fact, we didn't even notice the anniversary until it was well past. So much for sentimentality! Not really our strong suit.

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