Trey and Susan Adventures

We've  been in Hutchison, KS for almost three weeks. We arrived early for the rally hoping to get some work done. We got a little work done, but many folks arrived early and we did a lot of visiting, too. 

From Washington DC, we made our way to a small town just east of Knoxville, KY. Earlier this year, Trey met a very kind man who rides and works on Piaggio MP3s. He was going to teach Trey how to do annual service and minor repairs to our scooter.

Leaving Williamsburg, our plan was to drive to the start of the Blue Ridge Parkway and drive about a hundred miles of it before going to Tennessee. Loading the scooter up on Saturday, we realized we had a gouge in our rear tire. Any riding of the scooter was out until that tire was fixed! (It just so happened that we had ordered replacement scooter tires a few days before and they would be waiting for us in Tennessee - more on that in the next post!)  

We had to leave the campground by checkout time, so we decided we'd reevaluate once we were on the road. There was really no point of returning to the parkway area if we couldn't ride it and we couldn't get the tire fixed for at least five or six more days. What should we do in the meantime?

We spent a little more than a week in Williamsburg, VA. We had a few days of work to do, but we planned to spend some time exploring the area. Then it rained. And rained. And rained. For four days straight we watched the weatherman extend the rain forecast into our time to explore. Finally, after a week of waiting, we ventured our to see Jamestown. We were out two hours when it began raining. We waited over two hours for the storm to pass, then went home. This normally wouldn't be a problem, but 85% of our activities were outside and we were traveling on the scooter. So we waited some more.

Our last week in Pennsylvania was spent mostly working. We had planned to do a couple more factory tours because York calls itself "The Factory Tour Captial of the World" but we got involved with work and never made it back out. Maybe next time. 

We had almost a week before our next stop, so we decided a stop in the Shenandoah Valley might be nice. It was!

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