Trey and Susan Adventures

We returned to Michigan in September to watch the Astros play in Detroit. Detroit has an awesome stadium. There are tigers everywhere. The tiger gargoyles in this photo have baseballs in their mouths that light up at night. They even had a tiger merry-go-round in the food court.

We returned to Indiana. The Elkhart County 4H Fair in Goshen, IN goes out of their way to decorate for the county fair each July. Whether or not you appreciate their artistic style (I do!) you can't deny the humor and creativity that demonstrates their love of the fair. I could probably write a thousand words describing each photo, but I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Most of our time in Michigan was spent working, so we decided to take two half-days and do some last-minute exploring before going back to Indiana.

We left Indiana the first part of July and headed about 50 miles north to Southern Michigan. We found a small campground which could accommodate us for a month while the Elkhart County Fairground held it's annual county fair. It is a pretty campground with tall trees and lots of shade.

All of June and the first part of July we stayed at the fairgrounds in Goshen, Indiana. As we mentioned before, the fairgrounds is an interesting place to stay. There are activities going on most weeks and there are always things to see on our daily walks. 

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