Trey and Susan Adventures

We spent a little more than a week in Williamsburg, VA. We had a few days of work to do, but we planned to spend some time exploring the area. Then it rained. And rained. And rained. For four days straight we watched the weatherman extend the rain forecast into our time to explore. Finally, after a week of waiting, we ventured our to see Jamestown. We were out two hours when it began raining. We waited over two hours for the storm to pass, then went home. This normally wouldn't be a problem, but 85% of our activities were outside and we were traveling on the scooter. So we waited some more.

Our last week in Pennsylvania was spent mostly working. We had planned to do a couple more factory tours because York calls itself "The Factory Tour Captial of the World" but we got involved with work and never made it back out. Maybe next time. 

We had almost a week before our next stop, so we decided a stop in the Shenandoah Valley might be nice. It was!

Our plan was to leave Boston early in the morning so that we could drive in the cool of the day to our next destination: York, PA. It is an 8 hour drive for the average driver. We were avoiding tolls (tolls are expensive with five axles!) and having to drive our rig just north of the most populated area of our country. We figured we would do good to keep our day under ten hours. In addition, our truck air conditioner went out somewhere in Maine, and we were in a heatwave in New England. Driving west for ten hours in the August heat without AC just didn't sound like fun.

On our way out of New England, we spent a day exploring Boston. We've been to Boston together twice. The first time we went to Boston was on our Baseball Vacation Marathon in 2000 (11 Ball Parks, 9 hot dog stands, and 7 amusement parks in 13 days - Whew!) On that trip, we had little time to do anything in Boston other than watch the Red Soxs play. That was also during the Big Dig and Boston traffic was a nightmare for these two Texans. We drove over 5,000 miles that trip and camped out in our 15 passenger van.

Our second trip to Boston in 2004 was almost as rushed. We had been to a video conference in NYC to prepare for the Walk Through video series and decided to detour through Boston on our way home. Remembering the traffic from a few years before, we decided to stay in a hotel outside of town and rode the train, then the subway in to town. That trip we walked the Freedom Trail and explored the city a little. Oh, and we also visited Fenway Park.

We spent two weeks in Maine and have loved every minute of it! We did not take the time to update the blog as we explored, so this will be a long post. We've broken it down into several sections, in no particular order. If you don't have time to read it all, please enjoy the pictures.

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