Trey and Susan Adventures

It is difficult to pick a favorite place here in the southwest, but Zion National Park is pretty special. We'll try not to repeat ourselves, but you can see our 2015 trip to Zion here.

On the recommendation of a friend (Thanks Janet!), we took another detour and stopped by Page, AZ.

After leaving California, we spent another night in Peoria, AZ to restock. We had been away from any major grocery store and were about to spend more time away from any major towns. Plus, there was the added benefit of more pizza (and Blue Bell)! It was a quick stop, then we hit the road again. 

We decided to do a last-minute detour so that we could see the Grand Canyon. We visited there in December of 2004 and we both wanted to see it again.

We finished our time in California with a trip to two big cities for two baseball games. The first part of our drive, we detoured to see a few iron statues we missed on our last trip. They were only a couple miles off our planned trip, so it didn't take much time.

We've found Southern California quite surprising. We didn't do much research for our stay because we didn't plan to stay here. Our original plan was to stay in Arizona and drive to see baseball here in California. Once we decided to drive the whole rig here, we changed our plans to stay a week and explore the area a bit.

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