Trey and Susan Adventures

We went into to park a couple of half-days. We worked Saturday morning and drove in to the park after lunch. Sunday, we drove in after church (the church is 1/4 mile from the west entrance gate). The nice thing about living only 15 miles from the park entrance is that driving to the park does not need to be an all-day event.

We thought the worst of the spring rains had passed and we looked forward to some longer trips into Yellowtone. Except for our trip to the Tetons, most of our excursions were 3 - 5 hour trips to avoid morning or afternoon rains.

Once we felt we could handle a longer trip after being sick for a couple of weeks, we decided to check out Grand Teton National Park. We didn't visit that park on either of our 2014 flybys, so we were looking forward to seeing the Grand Tetons for the first time.

Big Bison

We will be here in the Yellowstone area for the summer and rather than give a day by day description, we thought we'd write a quick overview of what we see and experience every week or two. It'll be kinda random, but we don't really know how else to tackle our summer here.

Two weeks ago we were able to drive into the park a few times. It was often quite chilly, but we had a wonderful time and were able to see some wonderful sights. 

We left Utah and headed north. We had two days to fill before we could arrive at the RV park near West Yellowstone, so we decided to take some time driving through Idaho. One stop that looked interesting was the city of Pocatello. Never heard of it? Neither had we. It is the home of Idaho State University, Tastee Treet, the largest small-city cemetery we'd ever seen, and the Museum of Clean. Sounded like a great place to pass the time!

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