Trey and Susan Adventures

We've found Southern California quite surprising. We didn't do much research for our stay because we didn't plan to stay here. Our original plan was to stay in Arizona and drive to see baseball here in California. Once we decided to drive the whole rig here, we changed our plans to stay a week and explore the area a bit.

We spent several weeks in Phoenix recuperating from the previous months and getting caught up on some work.

Leaving Texas

We rarely post while in Texas in the winter and this year was no exception. If we did post, it would look something like this: "Worked, visited friends and family, worked." Now you are caught up on the last four months of our lives (mostly.) While home we mostly keep the camera in it's case and we just enjoy being in the moment when not working.

After leaving Hutchison, KS, we decided to travel to Arkansas to see the Fall colors in the Ozarks. Because of warm Fall temperatures, the leaves pretty much went from green to brown then fell off. There were little pockets of color here and there, but nothing significant. Still, our rides through the mountains were beautiful and the warm weather made them quite pleasant.

Sightseeing on the scooter is a wonderful thing! We are able to go so many places the truck can't take us and our view is only limited by how far we can turn our heads.

Like all things in life, however, cruising on the scooter at 55 mile per hour has its drawbacks. Taking quality pictures is one of them. Oh, we take thousands of pictures, but very few of them are quality. There are just too many things that can go wrong. 

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