Trey and Susan Adventures

As we mentioned previously, our scooter tire was loosing tread quickly. We had the front two tires replaced in June and asked about the rear. We were told it should be fine. We had been watching it, checking at least weekly for wear and it seems the tire went bald overnight. The wear is very clear in this picture. We've ridden on gravel and some rough roads and know that this accelerated the wear.

On Thursday we drove to a Pop-up Photography Workshop near the north entrance. Jim Peaco, the NPS Yellowstone photographer, did a talk on "Arches and Angles" where he mostly talked about composition. It was very interesting and we heard some great reminders when framing shots of objects, scenery, and animals.

We went into to park a couple of half-days. We worked Saturday morning and drove in to the park after lunch. Sunday, we drove in after church (the church is 1/4 mile from the west entrance gate). The nice thing about living only 15 miles from the park entrance is that driving to the park does not need to be an all-day event.

We thought the worst of the spring rains had passed and we looked forward to some longer trips into Yellowtone. Except for our trip to the Tetons, most of our excursions were 3 - 5 hour trips to avoid morning or afternoon rains.

Once we felt we could handle a longer trip after being sick for a couple of weeks, we decided to check out Grand Teton National Park. We didn't visit that park on either of our 2014 flybys, so we were looking forward to seeing the Grand Tetons for the first time.

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