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Big Bison

We will be here in the Yellowstone area for the summer and rather than give a day by day description, we thought we'd write a quick overview of what we see and experience every week or two. It'll be kinda random, but we don't really know how else to tackle our summer here.

Two weeks ago we were able to drive into the park a few times. It was often quite chilly, but we had a wonderful time and were able to see some wonderful sights. 

We left Utah and headed north. We had two days to fill before we could arrive at the RV park near West Yellowstone, so we decided to take some time driving through Idaho. One stop that looked interesting was the city of Pocatello. Never heard of it? Neither had we. It is the home of Idaho State University, Tastee Treet, the largest small-city cemetery we'd ever seen, and the Museum of Clean. Sounded like a great place to pass the time!

From Northern Colorado, we drove to Northern Utah.

We've spent some wonderful days in Southern Utah, but we had yet to experience the Northern regions. We had a brief, hot stay, and we only had two items on the agenda. Because of the heat (it was in the mid 90's) we left pretty early to drive to Fantasy Canyon, about an hour away. 

Pueblo/Colorado Springs

The the big story of the week in southern Colorado was the weather. There are several reasons weather was such a big factor.
First, Colorado Springs was booked solid. We could not find a park with an availability anywhere nearby, so we had to camp in West Pueblo. That meant an hour drive (each way) when we needed to go into The Springs.

The purpose of our Lincoln/Roca, NE trip was to help Clyde and Bev White move into a new house. They were moving from an acreage (a real estate term we recently learned) in Roca to a (slightly) smaller house in a South Lincoln neighborhood. The homes were only a few miles apart, so it wasn't a long distance move. In fact, we are fairly certain we traveled more miles up and down basement stairs (in both houses) than we did driving to and from each house! The first two moving days we had help from the Whites friends and hired movers. 

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