Trey and Susan Adventures

One smoky Sunday after church we decided to visit the Earthquake Lake Visitor's Center. Even though it was quite close to us, we had just recently been alerted to its presence (thanks, Chris!). It was interesting to learn about the 1959 earthquake that changed the landscape of this area.

Our adventures on the Ranger led hikes encouraged us to explore more of the back country ourselves. Armed with critter spray (both bear and bug) we set out for more adventures.

While smoke has been in the skies for about a month now, the past two weeks have been the worst. We have cleaned our air conditioner filters each week and they look like they have a month's worth of filth on them with each cleaning. We are thankful for that filtration of our indoor air. What the ac filters don't capture is captured by filters in our own respiratory systems (God's creation is amazing!)

We took a few short days to explore more of the park last week. We wanted to do a little more back country hiking, but weren't sure where to begin. So, we thought a ranger-led hike was a good place to start.

With a couple of short trips under our belts after getting our scooter back, we decided we needed a long day. A drive on the Bear Tooth Highway to Red Lodge seemed just the ticket. We would pass multiple state boundaries: ID>WY>MT>WY>MT>WY>MT>WY>ID (I think we got them all in!) We prepared well and left early because this would be our longest scooter day yet!

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