Trey and Susan Adventures

It has been a wonderful summer and we have cherished every moment we have spent here. We have made great progress in our work and have some amazing diversions when we took time off. Staying so close to Yellowstone National Park has been a blessing and something we'd like to repeat in the future. During our last few trips into the park the thought of leaving this placed loomed in our minds.

Most of our errands had been to Rexburg or Idaho Falls in the South. This was an hour to hour and a half drive we take twice a month for groceries or other things we might need but can't find locally. We learned of a photography class in Bozeman, MT and decided to drive north for errands this time. The class covered the brand of cameras we have owned for the past ten years and we looked forward to learning more about the menu system and how the camera worked.

One smoky Sunday after church we decided to visit the Earthquake Lake Visitor's Center. Even though it was quite close to us, we had just recently been alerted to its presence (thanks, Chris!). It was interesting to learn about the 1959 earthquake that changed the landscape of this area.

Our adventures on the Ranger led hikes encouraged us to explore more of the back country ourselves. Armed with critter spray (both bear and bug) we set out for more adventures.

While smoke has been in the skies for about a month now, the past two weeks have been the worst. We have cleaned our air conditioner filters each week and they look like they have a month's worth of filth on them with each cleaning. We are thankful for that filtration of our indoor air. What the ac filters don't capture is captured by filters in our own respiratory systems (God's creation is amazing!)

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