Trey and Susan Adventures

We left Indiana a week ago and we have been in a whirlwind of activity.

We took two days to drive from Indiana to Nebraska, stopping to get pizza and complete a few errands along the way. We stayed at an RV park in Iowa where Susan took a picture of a cornfield. Other than this, we have no photo evidence to show any of the week's events. (it is nice corn, though don't you think?)


We went to Nebraska to help celebrate Clyde and Bev's 60th wedding anniversary. We offered our help to their daughters prepare for the celebration and were given the task of picking up the baked goods (cookies, donuts, and the cake). To be fair we were given the donuts and cake and we added the cookies since we were driving within a mile of the cookie shop. We crammed ourselves, 10 dozen decorated cookies, 10 dozen decorated donuts, and the poorly packed personalize cake into the front seat of a small pick up truck. In 90+ degree weather, through miles of construction we headed for the church. Trey had boxes under his feet and on his lap so high, he could not see over the top and the fancy decorated cake (in box shorter than the cake) on the bench seat between us. It was a very stressful 30 minute drive to the church, but all was delivered safely, except Susan's nerves! (Did we make it clear that the box was too small for the cake!)

The party was wonderful and many friends showed up from all over the midwest to wish the Whites well. The couple that stood up for them at their wedding ceremony 60 years ago made a surprise visit from northern Michigan and Clyde and Bev were delighted to see them! After the party, we went to Paul and Kristin's (the White's granddaughter) house for a family dinner. It was great to visit with the family and find out what was happening in their lives. We were so disappointed that we have no pictures to share!

We left Nebraska on Tuesday and drove for three days, finally landing in New York. We had a few truck errands and another pizza pickup to make on our drive, so the trip took longer than it would have otherwise (look for our lost truck window adventure in an upcoming post). We took a quick tour of a local park the evening we arrived, but spent the next day recuperating from five days of driving and two days of partying. Yes, we are wild ones!

We are in the Finger Lakes area of western New York for the next two weeks trying to balance work and taking in the beauty of the country.