Trey and Susan Adventures

Last week we worked at an RV rally in Decatur, Indiana. Rather than dry camp and deal with the heat, we stayed in a campground about 40 minutes away. We were assigned a site that backed up to a freshly planted field and were treated to great views all week long. Sunrise each morning was spectacular!



The sky would turn beautiful shades of pink and orange, then the sun would announce itself to our little world. It was a great way to awaken each day!

We also saw a few passing thunderstorms with interesting cloud formations.


It was great to watch the changing sky all week long. The mountains are great, but flat lands have a wonder all of their own. You can see forever (almost)!

It was a typical work week. We had long days and came home tired. We were in bed most nights by 9 PM and up by 5 o'clock each morning. We sat in a booth the first four days, but the last day was weigh day. This particular weigh day was beautiful.  We had shade most of the day and a nice breeze to cool us when we had to deal with the sun.


We have mentioned a couple of times how much we enjoy the scooter: cool breezes, spring flowers, fresh cut grass. Sometimes circumstances are not so ideal. On a quick grocery run, we got stuck in 20 minutes of construction traffic. The lady in the car in front of us was blowing the smoke out her window and into our faces. The vehicle in front of her was a garbage truck. It was sunny and in the upper 80's. There was a slight breeze blowing from the truck towards the scooter. So thankful traffic eventually began moving again.


We left the rally this morning after a labored discussion about what to do next. Without boring you with all the details, options, and reasonings, we will just say that we landed back in Goshen for a while. We hope to get some time to work on some of our other jobs during this time and it will be good to be in a familiar area that is not 100 degrees!